Material Development and Capacity Building Expert

La Mission

Material Development and Capacity Building Expert


Catégorie 2

24 Mois

Long terme

Profil demandé

with a relevant advanced university degree in a relevant education field, with a focus on education, information technology or another relevant subject; and at least 5 years’ experience in increasingly complex projects or EMIS implementations in education, specializing in curriculum development/materials development and adult education.

General professional experience

Experience in multiple developing countries with introduction of complex information systems—including national, subnational, and school level. Experience with the interplay between information, and institutional development in increasingly responsible positions. Orientation to continuing use of existing governmental staff in all phases of project implementation. Proven capability in engaging local staff in project implementation at all levels.

Specific professional experience

Experience with the design and development of adult education training materials and their delivery in the field of information technology, information systems and linked to education, payroll, finance, HR and other operational systems. Preferred substantial experience with data cleaning, and improvement in Annual Census entry including installation and improvements of such systems. Specific experience with training and capacity development for medium and highly complex systems, supporting national actors to own, lead and deliver capacity-building programmes targeting hardware and software usage, system maintenance and including basic.


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Le Projet

Consultancy Services For Improving The Digitized Education Management Information System (EMIS)