Expert in transnational organized crime

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Expert in transnational organized crime


Catégorie 1

70 Jours

Court terme

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The minimum requirements covered by the team of experts as a whole are detailed below: • Qualifications and skills required for the team:

Master’s degree in international relations, Peace and Security or any development-related field; Communication and team-work skills; Knowledge of the Project Cycle Management; Computer literacy and proficiency in IT; applications relevant to the assignment. • General professional experience of the team: The team shall have a cumulative experience of at least 12 years in the area of evaluation with at least 5 evaluations conducted in the West African Region; a sound practice of development interventions in the sector of transnational organized crime, demonstrated by an ability to innovate, integrate, synthesize and communicate complex concepts and ideas verbally and in writing.

Specific professional experience of the team :

The Team Leader (to be identified in the Organisation and Methodology and in the Financial Offer) is expected to be a Cat I expert, possess a demonstrable senior evaluation expertise coherent with the requirements of this assignment and not provide less than 35 working days, out of which 10 in the field.

Expertise required must include professional evaluation skills (particularly for the Team Leader) and other expertise as needed such as Proven field research and report writing skills; creative ability to identify practical solutions to overcome challenges to time-critical projects;

Excellent interpersonal skills to relate to counterparts on all levels of hierarchy; IT literacy, very good data-processing knowledge and office automation software; experience in communication, negotiations and dialogue at high level.

Language skills of the team: Knowledge of English and French is essential for communication within the West African region.

Knowledge of Portuguese would be an added advantage.


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Le Projet

Mid-term Evaluation of the Fight Against Organised Crime in West Africa: Combatting all types of Trafficking (OCWAR-T) - FED/2018/402-635