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International expert


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At least 15 years of professional experience on education and training with hands on experience.
Excellent knowledge of LLL policies, systemic reforms, and their implementation proven by academic background and/or hands-on experience with the analysis of such policies and reforms in view of suggesting improvements to policy design and implementation.
Specific knowledge on one or more of the lifelong learning thematic areas (see table1)
Very good knowledge of EU member states education and training systems, as well as their LLL frameworks and practices
Very good experience in carrying out these kinds of assignments, coordinating with national stakeholders and experts and drafting similar analysis and publications
English C2
Knowledge of the education and training systems in the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean countries in general and in Morocco, Tunisia or Jordan

French , Arabic


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Le Projet

Torino Process Level 2: Review of policies for lifelong learning in Tunisia, Morocco, and Jordan or Bosnia Herzegovina




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